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To Dear Visitors

We firmly believe that both sides of the real transaction have sincerity and will to facilitate the transaction. We are willing to do everything possible to provide you with the products and services you need to facilitate the transaction in

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Obstruction light and heliport light shall to be proven

How to choose reliable and cost efficient obstruction lights and heliport lights? The lights usually used for extreme outdoor industrial environment, installed in high-rise buildings, tower, communications, TV Tower, bridge, marine use and

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National Holiday Notice

To celebrate the National Holiday, Plusafe will excute the legal holiday from Oct,1st,2017~Oct,8th,2017. Production will put off till Oct,9th,2017. Product inquiry please forward to the mail box:, our sales person will cont

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Mobile Terminal Web Service

Visitors are welcome to visit our website by your mobiles.

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How To Get A Quote At

Dear Visitors is a website for products showing and release informations. When you need a quote for any products or you have any questions, please check following tips if you have any doubt or confusion. Where can I send an inqui

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