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Your Heliport Light Plan Standard

Plusafe is committed to better customer service. We provide helipad night lighting system for ground helipad, elevated helipad, hospital, offshore helipad and helideck. Each country will have its own laws and aviation authorities to supervi

Oct 23th, 2018 208 Click Industry News

Heliport Lighting Control Support For Pilots

Plusafe heliport lighting control solutions based on 2 major control concept to develop our products. Ground to Ground Air to Ground Ground to Ground functions include: Manual operation and control each circuit of outputs. Timing function. V

Oct 10th, 2018 134 Click Industry News

Operation Principle Of SAGA System

The SAGA system is the shorten of system of azimuth guidance for approach, designed follow latest ICAO standards. The operation principle of SAGA system is very easy recognized by pilots, to provide a perfect precision on approach path. Foll

Sep 07th, 2018 126 Click Industry News

Solar Powered L-864 Red Flashing Lamp Head Unit

Part Number: 16-FT L-864 solar lamp head unit is a cost effective solutions to meet standard requirement by FAA L-864, ICAO medium intensity type B. FAA L-864 / ICAO medium intensity type B lamp head is designed to fit with the solar module.

Sep 03th, 2018 151 Click Industry News

Portable Solar Powered L-864 Type Red Flashing Obstacle Lights

The portable solar powered FAA L-864 red flashing air obstacle light is designed to utilizes state-of-the-art optical design to achieve smaller and portable shapes, better efficient and lower consumption. Its robust will provide years of mai

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