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Guide To Marine Navigation Lighting

Position of Boat Navigation Lights Most of the variations that can be found in the different vessels can be read about in most almanacs. At the very basic level, a vessel needs to show a red light to port and green light to starboard. Depen

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Popular Power Supply Of Obstruction&Helipad Lighting Industry

Plusafe full range of obstruction light and heliport lighting and airfeild lighting is available in multiple power supply solutions to meet customer site needs. Hard Wired Power Supply: AC Power, DC Power Solar Powered: Solar Modules Includi

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Spherical Markers Applications

Spherical markers are used to identify overhead wires. Its also usually called as Aircraft warning sphere, Aircraft warning ball, Aircraft warning marker. To provide daytime visual warning or nighttime visual warning ifcomes with reflective

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Your Heliport Light Plan Standard

Plusafe is committed to better customer service. We provide helipad night lighting system for ground helipad, elevated helipad, hospital, offshore helipad and helideck. Each country will have its own laws and aviation authorities to supervi

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Heliport Lighting Control Support For Pilots

Plusafe heliport lighting control solutions based on 2 major control concept to develop our products. Ground to Ground Air to Ground Ground to Ground functions include: Manual operation and control each circuit of outputs. Timing function. V

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