May 14th, 2018 135 Click Industry News

Choose Suitable Heliport Light for Heliport TLOF Area?

Heliport touchdown and lift-off area is called TLOF for short. A work for heliport lighting arrangement need identify the heliport type, size and all details of the heliport informations. Refer to TLOF heliport lighting, is one of the most i

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Where Our Heliport Lighting System Can Be Used?

Our heliport lighting system now covers different type of heliports. How to classify the different type of heliports? Besides, some heliports was built on the water, a heliport was located on a structure on the surface of the water, also cla

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Learn The Helideck Floodlighting Lighting For Offshore Hazardous Environment

For the purpose of night visual lighting for offshore hazardous helideck operations, explosion-proof lighting system is required. Plusafe provides a full range of products and services for customers, including explosion-proof perimeter ligh

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Light Intensity Requirement of Obstruction Lighting

Plusafe Notice: If you want to get a quote for our products, please go to our product center page to make an inquiry. We will clearly your needs and send you best offer. We kindly remind our customer: we get many customer price inquiries, f

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Regulator says Made in China 2025 is fair

Kong Rong, a resident of East Chinas Anhui province, hit the lowest point of her life 10 years ago, when her mother was killed in a traffic accident and she was left with significant debts from medical and funeral bills. The driver failed to