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Why should infrared obstacle lights be taken seriously

According to a pilot report in 2009, the FAA reported an incident where a tower was equipped with a traditional red LED light source. As a result, a pilot wearing an NVG almost missed the tower while the tower was pointed it out through a pi

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Plusafe NVG helipad landing lighting system

NVG:Night Vision Googles (NVG),Every day more and more pilots and crews use Night Vision Googles (NVG) for night operations. The cost of NVG is constantly decreasing and makes it accessible to more pilots and helicopter companies. Why a NVG

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Landing Lights for Building Yacht in Vlissingen

Plusafe(P.S.L) supplied marine sealing type LED green helipad landing light to purchaser, used one of their building Yacht in Vlissingen in 2018. The project purchaser is known worldwide as a supplier ofelectrotechnical systems and services

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Low Intensity Obstruction Light Types

Standards: ICAO: Type A; ICAO: Type B; FAA: L810; CASA 139; UK CAP168; NFL 197-107/03 Single Type/Double Type: We offer single type or double type

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Sheraton Hotel Heliport In Dhaka Bangladesh

Tags:#Skyscraper center helipad, hotel rooftop helipad lights Introduction: Serving as the nations capital, the historically rich Dhaka, Bangladesh has been developing its skyline in an attempt to establish itself as a modern city. As one o

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