May 15th, 2017 Click Press Releases

OBSC Obstruction Control Panel Operation

Aviation obstruction lights are usually installed in high-rise buildings, towers, chimneys, power plants, masts and ect.
How can these lamps be effectively managed? Aviation obstruction light controller is an important equipment for effective management of these lamps.
Plusafe has developed the obstruction light control panel suitable for users, which can meet the actual needs of mostly users.
  1. Manual switch: used to test the light control property of obstruction lights. Usually, the controller is equipped with an external photo sensor device, and the manual switch enables the obstruction light to work in two modes of  24 hours or 12 hours at night.
  2. Control obstacle light synchronization: more than one obstacle light synchronous flashing.
  3. Working condition monitoring: 0~24 obstruction lights monitoring, showing the working condition of each lamp, OK or Failurs. More obstruction lights can be also customized.
  4. Fault remote alarm: use free contact way, remote reminder or show which obstacle light failures.

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