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What Kind Of Double Obstacle Lights You Should Choose?

Double aviation obstruction light is always used in the obstructions like high towers, buildings applications, lights mounted in these places is inconvenient  to maintenance. For example, the design of medium intensity type obstacle light or low light intensity type obstacle light system can enable users to have reasonable maintenance buffer time.

With the plusafe obstruction light control system, the user can clearly know which one of the lights failures, and then they will have sufficient time to maintain the lamps.

Plusafe double obstrucion light system is composed of two independent lamps, one failure, the other lamp can automatically replace to work, it also means, backup or standby function.

On the market, customer usually can find the "double light source obstruction light system", rather than the true sense of the "double obstruction light system", the double light source system can not meet the needs of practical works, to provide users with convenience.
Plusafe also has this kind of design before, but now with the user feedbacks and the actual use experiences, Plusafe has stopped the production of this "double light source obstruction light".

The reason is that although the "double light source obstruction light" consist of  two independent light source system, but still share the same circuit and power, in fact, the probability of the LED light soure failures is very low, resulting in the double light source obstruction light system has become useless in practical use, increases the user cost.

This means that, as long as the failure of this kind of light, to a large extent, is the problem of the circuit or power, rather than the problem of light sources, the whole light system can not work, and lost the original design meaning.

The D16 double type is a real sense of the double obstruction lightt system,  it is composed of 2 independent L864 red obstruction light(ICAO Medium Intensity Type B). Any one lamp failures, another can replace to work, greatly facilitate the maintenance of the user.

Another mode of operation is that two separate lamps work alternately to achieve a double life for the light, then the user can save a high cost for installation and maintenance.

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