Heliport Lighting Design

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Your heliport may surface ground type, elevated... circular, square...for transportation, hospital, oil-rigs helideck...
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The design and selection of helipad lighting, first of all depends on the design standards you follow to.
Generally, ICAO and FAA are two commonly used standards.The two standards are different in the
classification of helipads types.We can first understand how different standards define the types of helipads.

Heliports classification by ICAO:
Surface-level heliports: A heliport located on the ground or on the water. / All heliports on the water is surface-level heliports?
Elevated heliport.: A heliport located on a raised structure on land.
Helideck: A heliport located on an offshore structure such as an exploration or production platform used for the
exploitation of oil or gas.
Shipboard heliport: A heliport located on a ship that may be purpose or non-purpose-built. A purpose-built shipboard heliport is one designed specifically for
heilcopter operations.
A non-purpose-built shipboard heliport is one that utilizes an area of the ship that is capable of supporting a helicopter but not designed specifically for that task.

The design of helipad in most countries will follow ICAO specifications. According to the type, shape and size of helipad, the model type and quantity of helipad lamp
will be determined.Under the ICAO standard and our past experience, generally, a helipad has some common and mandatory lights shall be used:
1) FATO Perimeter Light*
2) TLOF Perimeter Light
3) Floodlight for TLOF-areas**
4) Wind Direction Indicator
5) Obstacle Lights (when applicable)
6) Control System (to control the lights)
* When FATO and TLOF are nearly coincidental FATO perimeter lights maybe omitted.
** Surface-level ground heliports:(1 or more lights shall be used, at least 1)
a. Perimeter lights; or
b. Floodlighting; or
Elevated or helidecks:(2 lights shall be used)
a. Perimeter lights; and
b. ASPSL/LPs or floodlighting

Additional lights:
This solution indicates the approach direction is free of major obstacles.
7) Aiming Point Light
8) Approach Light
9) Heliport Beacon

Additional lights:
This solution guides the pilot with perfect precision clear of obstacles even under severe weather conditions.
10) System of Azimuthal Guidance for Approach (SAGA)
11) Helipad Customized Approach Path Indicator (2 units 3 colors)