We, at PLUSAFE, trust the importance to value customer needs and satisfaction, that's why we have developed a broad range of sales&engineering services to provide support.

Sales services includes:
24/7 direct email quote queries
Pre-sales consulting
After sales support

Engineering Support includes:
24/7 direct email Engineering Support
Engineering Support by phone
Dedicated Spares and Repairs Engineering

24/7 direct email quote qureies
To meet customer in quotation requirement all the time. We are available 24/7 by email to send quotations and make lead time, cost on freight to customers.

Pre-sales consulting
As the charateristics of aviation light industry. We provide details service support for customer pre-sales consulting including products, installation, technical and field solutions.

After sales service
Our team is available to provide after sales service including products, installations and any other issues need support.
24/7 direct email engineering support
To keep your aviation lighting system serviceable, our team is available 24/7 by email to answer queries that require analysis and disposition support. We do our best to answer all enquiries in less then 24h (depending by time zone).

Engineering Support by phone or internet
We work closely with our customers to gain a comprehensive understanding of their issues, enabling us to deliver certified solutions to suit their needs. Our customer care is available by phone or internet chatting to answer all queries.