Our transportation method involves sea transportation , air transportation and door-to-door express delivery.
We have rich experience in providing efficient transportation services to customers, saving your time cost.
We choose DHL as the preferred service provider for door-to-door express. If you have a designated transportation channel, please let us know and we will arrange transportation services back to you.
At present, our products have been shipped to dozens of countries, the product packaging is reliable and durable, can withstand the test of long-distance international transportation. We will follow up the whole process, carefully packing the products, taking every detail into account, so that your goods are worry free.


Generally, a complete set of helipad lighting equipments will be packed with 2cm thick pearl cotton and high hardness cartons, and the exterior will be packed with non fumigation plywood.
The purpose of this is to protect the safety of the goods, reduce the number of packages to prevent loss, and facilitate the transportation and operation of the destination customers.

If the number of goods is not large, we usually only use standard cartons and thick pearl cotton to pack them, which will also ensure the goods safety during international transportation and reduce freight cost.

For the same type of lamps, there are a lot of them, such as helipad perimeter lights or obstruction lights, we will use multiple inner cartons + outer cartons for packaging.

In a word, we will choose the appropriate packing method according to your order, so as to reduce the freight as much as possible, and ensure that the goods are fully protected, which is our principle and goal of packing goods.

Transportation Services:

Express transportation:Express transportation we provide DAP terms for transportation to the address designated by your destination country.
DHL is our preferred express service provider. Other express transportation service providers can also be used according to your requirements.
We accept the customer's express delivery account to operate, we will arrange the goods, documents, so that customers can receive the goods safely.

Air transportation service:We can book cargo for you through our own freight forwarder or your appointed freight forwarder. If you appoint a freight forwarder, we will properly prepare the goods, customs declaration and clearance documents, and wait for pick-up on site; or properly deliver the goods to your freight forwarder's designated address. Trade terms include EXW, FOB, CNF, CIF.

Sea transportation service:We can book cargo(bulk cargo or container) for you through our forwarder partner or your appointed forwarder partner. If you appoint a forwarder, we will properly prepare the cargo and declaration and customs clearance documents, wait for pick-up on site; or properly deliver the cargo to your forwarder's designated address. Trade terms can include EXW, FOB, CNF, CIF.