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Landing Lights for Building Yacht in Vlissingen

Plusafe(P.S.L) supplied marine sealing type LED green helipad landing light to purchaser, used one of their building Yacht in Vlissingen in 2018.

The project purchaser is known worldwide as a supplier of electrotechnical systems and services for Marine & Offshore applications.
The company has its foundation in the knowledge-intensive North-Netherlands shipbuilding sector.
Ever since the twenties of the previous century, they has been supplying reliable electrotechnical installations to merchant ships, developing into an innovative coproducer of shipping concepts.
They supplies technologically high-grade installations for:

Merchant vessels

Oil tankers, dry cargo ships, car carrier ships, multipurpose ships, and a multitude of other vessels. Shipowners and crews can blindly rely on these systems, and technicians can easily maintain them on board.
Supply ships for offshore platforms, cable layers,seismic research vessels, often with specific systems,such as crane control with active heave compensation.
Electrotechnical installations for super yachts; they makes a substantial contribution to revolutionary yacht concepts in the very top segment.
Marine ships
With marine ships especially nothing is left to chance.These vessels rely on specialist power electronics and its proven alarm systems.

We are committed to continuous improving product quality to meet the needs of customers in various fields. In the field of heliport lights and obstruction lights, we are gradually improving the appearance design, optical efficiency, stability and water resistance of  all lights. Our products are guaranteed for 2 years, and our goal is to provide customers with high quality and competitive price products for their projects.

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