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Sheraton Hotel Heliport In Dhaka Bangladesh

Tags:#Skyscraper center helipad, hotel rooftop helipad lights


Serving as the nation's capital, the historically rich Dhaka, Bangladesh has been developing its skyline in an attempt to establish itself as a modern city. As one of the world's most
populous cities, Dhaka has responded to the population boom and tourism in the area by approving many new projects in the city, including the Banani DCC-Unique Complex.

Located in the business hub of Dhaka, the 30-storey double-structure complex will be equipped with all the amenities that a modern office building would provide, including
world-class safety features, high-tech office facilities, ICT service, fourside road accessibility, as well as a 24hour power supply. The aesthetic of the building provides an air of professionalism with glass windows along the length of the buildings, as well as pops of colour where necessary to provide a modern edge. The basement of the building will have three floors, accommodating more than 350 cars.
Tags:#Skyscraper center helipad, hotel rooftop helipad lighting

Plusafe's engineering projects have covered dozens of countries, and helicopter lighting products are widely used in luxury hotel roofs, hospitals, government agencies, and group companies.

In Bangladesh, there are more and more luxury buildings under construction, which means more heliports will be built, and many similar hotel projects or related projects will occur.

In this project, we provided all the products required by the customer and delivered them intact to the customer. The product involves the lighting system required by the roof helipad. It usually consists of: inset perimeter lighting lights, floodlights, wind vanes, rotating beacons, and controllers. In addition, we will also equip this tall buildings with aviation obstruction light systems that comply with FAA L-864 red obstruction light standards.


Our Supply

  • Inset Perimeter Lights
  • LED Heliport Beacons
  • Red FAA L-864 Obstruction Lights
  • Heliport LED Floodlights
  • Heliport Controller
  • Heliport External Lit Windsocks


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