Oct 10th, 2018 Click Industry News

Operation Principle Of SAGA System

The SAGA system is the shorten of system of azimuth guidance for approach, designed follow latest ICAO standards.
The operation principle of SAGA system is very easy recognized by pilots, to provide a perfect precision on approach path.

Following principle is our SAGA system works:

  • When the aircraft flies inside a 9° width angular sector, cen tred on the approach axis, the pilot sees the two lights “flashing” simultaneously.
  • When the aircraft flies inside a 30° width angular sector, centred on the approach axis and outside the previous one, the pilot sees the two lights “flashing” with a variable delay (60 to 330 ms) according to the position of the aircraft in the sector. The further the aircraft is from the axis, the greater the delay. The delay between the two“flashes”produces a sequence effect which shows the direction of the axis.
  • The visual signal is not visible when the aircraft flies outside the 30° angular sector.

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