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ICAO and FAA Heliports Classification

Heliports classification by ICAO:

  • Surface-level heliports: A heliport located on the ground or on the water. / All heliports on the water is surface-level heliports?
  • Elevated heliport.: A heliport located on a raised structure on land.
  • Helideck: A heliport located on an offshore structure such as an exploration or production platform used for the exploitation of oil or gas.
  • Shipboard heliport: A heliport located on a ship that may be purpose or non-purpose-built. A purpose-built shipboard heliport is one designed specifically for heilcopter operations. A non-purpose-built shipboard heliport is one that utilizes an area of the ship that is capable of supporting a helicopter but not designed specifically for that task.
Heliports classification by FAA:
  • General aviation heliports
  • Transport heliports
  • Hospital heliports
  • Helicopter facilities on airports

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