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Choose Suitable Heliport Light for Heliport TLOF Area?

Heliport touchdown and lift-off area is called "TLOF" for short.
A work for heliport lighting arrangement need identify the heliport type, size and all details of the heliport informations.

Refer to TLOF heliport lighting, is one of the most important part of heliport lighting system.
How to arrange heliport lights for TLOF area, are all of heliport lights essential for TLOF?
These are the popular questions from many customers.

Under the ICAO Annex 14 regulation, PLUSAFE will guidance you the key points for your quick reading and understanding.

Surface-level ground heliports:(1 or more lights shall be used, at least 1)

  1. Perimeter lights; or
  2. Floodlighting; or
  3. ASPSL/LPs
Elevated or helidecks:(2 lights shall be used)
  1. Perimeter lights; and
  2. ASPSL/LPs or floodlighting
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