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Solar Powered L-864 Red Flashing Lamp Head Unit

Part Number: 16-FT L-864 solar lamp head unit is a cost effective solutions to meet standard requirement by FAA L-864, ICAO medium intensity type B.

FAA L-864 / ICAO medium intensity type B lamp head is designed to fit with the solar module. User can purchase the panels and battery locally to reduce cost and freight cost.
The light unit(lamp head) is pre-wired for easy connect to solar module, solar module technical details can be prepared for users.

· ICAO Annex 14, Volume I, 6th Edition, July,  2013
· ICAO Aerodromes Design Manual, Chapter 18
· FAA  AC150/5345-43G
· FAA Engineering Brief 67 Specifications
· Lamp head certified to ICAO compliant by Intertek

· Make solutions for solar system, user can purchase locally.
· Customized panel and battery on request.
· GPS synchro available.
· Surge protection device integrated in the light.
· Pre-wired for easy connection to solar module.
· Smart control circuit and solar control system integrated
  in the light no need other special works.


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