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A-RGL-1 Airfield Runway Guard Light

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  • Part Number:A-RGL-1,2×150W Metal Halide Lamps,High-intensity 3000cd yellow alternately flashing,increases hold position visibility, especially during bad weather; used in airports, heliports....
    Product Description
    A-RGL-1 is an elevated high-intensity runway guard light compliant to ICAO and FAA.
    It provides a warning signal to pilots or drivers of ground vehicles that they are approaching an active runway. The RGL increases hold position visibility, especially during bad weather.
    The unit produce a yellow color flashing light beam with alternately flashes. It’s common used in airport, heliports and airfield applications.

    - FAA  AC 150/5345-46 , L-804 Elevated Lights.
    - ICAO Annex 14, Volume I, 6th Edition, July,  2013; A2-25

    •  ICAO and FAA compliant.
    •  Precision optical control, high light efficiency, good heat dissipation.
    •  Lamp housing part completely sealing structure avoid impurity and steam go inside.
    •  Housing material casting aluminum and fasteners made of stainless steel.
    •  UV stabilized aviation yellow painting finish.
    •  Metal halide lamps 2×150W powers.

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