H6200-2 CHAPI Light

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Precision Approach Path Light, 2.8A~6.6A input power,isolation transformer, red-white-green color type;200W type for heliport use.....
Product Description
CHAPI system is unique designed to provide the pilot with safety and accurate glide slope on final approach path to the heliport.
One set of CHAPI system consist of 2 units CHAPI lamps housing assemblies are seen by pilots in combinations of red and white and green color.
Under these conditions ICAO Annex 14 Vol.II recommends the helipad to be complemented with the aid of Visual Alignment Systems.

Heliport Applications

· Surface-level ground heliport
· Rooftop&Elevated heliport
· Airport runway

Data Sheet
Data Sheet Plusafe C-HAPI PAPI APAPI


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