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HL300 Metal Halide Elevated Helipad Floodlight

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  • With Metal Halide Lamp,TLOF Heliport Flood Lights Always Combined with Perimeter Light for Marking TLOF Area Illumination, Casting Aluminum Alloy Made, 8000LM, White Steady, ICAO Annex 14 Volume II Compliant....
    Product Description
    Heliport Floodlight is used for night operation. Shall be located so as to avoid glare to pilots in flight or personnel working on the area.
    TLOF lighting system always consist of elevated/flush perimeter lights and floodlighting.
    Floodlighting system ensure the helipad surface illumination not less than 10 Lux.

    - ICAO Annex 14, Volume II, 4th Edition, July,  2013  
    - FAA  AC150/5390-2C

    •  Casting of the light unit of casting aluminum alloy and spraying plastic painted with UV stabilized.
    •  Built in surge protection device used in harsh environment.
    •  Metal halide lamp technology.
    •  Reflective lens consists of toughened glass material made with good impact resistance,thermal
       stability and great transparency.
    •  Equipped with a lens hood reduces glare to pilots in flight or landing.

    Heliport Applications

    · Surface-level ground heliport
    · Rooftop&Elevated heliport
    · Shipyard&Shipboard

    Order Note

    Model Characteristic
    Light technology Technical
    HL300(MHL) Metal halide lamp 70W, 8000Lm
    HL300(LED) LED 15W,1500Lm

    Technical Parameter
    Light  Characteristics
    International standard ICAO  Annex14 Volume II; Heliports;
    FAA  AC150/5390-2C
    Light  source High Power LED or metal halide lamp
    Color White
    Lifespan of LED 100,000 hours
    Effective Luminous Flux >1500LM (LED);  >8000LM (MHL)
    Flash  frequency Steady
    Electrical Characteristics
    Operating Mode 220V  AC; 48V DC 
    Power Consumption 15W LED Type; 70W MHL Type
    Physical Characteristics
    Body/Base Material Aluminum Alloy Casting
    Lens  Material Tempered Glass
    Overall Dimension(mm) 290mm×228mm×245mm
    Mounting Method Flat surface 2×9mm hubs(diameter)
    Weight(kg) 4.3kg
    Environmental Factors
    Ingress Grade IP65
    Temperature Range -40℃ to 60℃
    Wind  Speed 80m/s
    Quality Assurance ISO9001:2008
    *Specifications subject to change or variation without notice. 
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