Helipad Lighting

HLSC Heliport Light Controller

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  • Outdoor use, 6 to 8 output circuit breakers for controlling Plusafe helipad lights or other brands, AC220V input voltage, remote controlling output included...
    Product Description
    HLSC is a helipad light system controller, master series helipad lights on-off switch and function. 6 output circuits for different lights, can be customized 8 output circuits for option.
    Also,  with steel body and corrosion resistant painting finish is easy to deploy to hash environment.

    •  Steel housing, UV stabilized painting finish.
    •  3 models: manual ON/OFF&Remote&Auto. 
    •  4000W load consumption.
    •  Main board has Power and Operation indicator lamp.
    •  4~8 output circuit of heliport lights,manual ON/OFF each output of light.

    HL Heliport Lighting System

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