Dual LED L-864 Red Medium Intensity Obstruction Beacon

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The double L-864 medium intensity type B light composed of 2 units of independent L-864 lamps,Lamp unit is an ICAO approval type,Rubust stainless steel lights support bracket,Fixture can be used with100V~250V AC, 50Hz or 60Hz...
Product Description
The dual/double obstruction beacon utilizes state-of-the-art optical design to achieve smaller and portable shapes, efficient and lower consumption. Its robust will provide years of maintenance free service.
It is used increase conspicuity of structures or obstructions during nighttime. Widely used in any obstruction like high-rise buildings, chimney, telecom towers, transimission power towers, airports,wind turbines and crane machines.
· ICAO Annex 14, Volume I, 6th Edition, July,  2013
· ICAO Aerodromes Design Manual, Chapter 18
· FAA  AC150/5345-43G
· FAA Engineering Brief 67 Specifications
· Lamp unit certified to ICAO compliant by Intertek

Types Compliant:
· ICAO medium intensity type B-double type
· FAA L-864 type-double light

Preferable Applications

•  Buildings
•  Power Towers
•  Wind Power
•  Chimney&Power Plant
•  Cranes
•  Aerodrome

Technical Features:
· Operation voltage:100V~250V AC,50HZ/60HZ.
· Lamp unit each:100,000 hours high quality LED.
· FPM:20 to 60 flashes/per minute pre-set in factory.
· Color:Red.
· Output:360° horizontal; 4° vertical.
· Photo sensor:50Lux
· Lighting protection level:10KA
· Housing: casting aluminum&PC lens cover.
· Finish: UV stablized spraying plastic.
· Overall size: 47cm×21cm×30.1cm.
· Mounting size: 17cm×17cm-4×M10.
· IP rating: IP65.
· Weight: 7KG.
· Operating: -40°C to 60 °C.
· Wind speed: 80m/s.

Data Sheet:
Data Sheet Double L-864 Medium Intensity Obstruction Light

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