Jul 03th, 2019 Click Press Releases

Solar Powered 24 Hours Type Obstruction Light

Solar powered aviation obstruction light normally works at nighttime and the inside battery charge management system can store energy at dayttime in sunshine environment.
While sometimes customer need the light 24 hours we have the solutions for solar powered 24 hours operation and color can be White(24 hours), Red(24 hours) or combination White(12 hours)& Red(12 hours).

Our solar solutions will be very diverse and practical.Customers from some certain countries need ship the product by air but due to their local air traffic control we can't deliver the goods include battery, but we can also provide products does not include the battery, we will provide customers with technical support to customers in the local can easily purchase the battery and the lights can be put into use.

In addition, we also provide more cost-effective solutions for customers with certain technology and assembly capacity, that is, we integrate various circuits into the lamp holder. Customers only need to purchase or assemble corresponding solar panels, brackets and batteries locally under our technical drawings to put the lamp into use.This scheme can save transportation costs and shall be also a good choice for some customers.(Example solar solution lamp head FAA L-864)

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