May 10th, 2018 Click Press Releases

Solar Air Obstacle Light Project In Vietnam

In 2013 to early 2014, Plusafe provided more than 200 full sets solar powered air obstacle lights to the Vietnam 220KV transmission lines.
We won the competition with the support of our best partners,  and our quality of the products alongwith reasonable price.
While in bidding, the price of our company is not the cheapest, but after the owner's appraisal, our price is reasonable and the product quality is reliable. So Plusafe is honored to be chosen as supplier.
The project is provided more than 100 full sets ICAO low light intensity type B/FAA L810 solar aviation obstacle lights and 100 full sets ICAO medium intensity B/FAA L864 aviation obstacle lights.
he lamps can work for more than 15 days on cloudy and rainy days. (owners require more than 7 days), materials supplied with installation bracket, suitable for angle steel structure transmission tower.
Project Data:
Owner: National Power Transmission Corporation (NPT)
/Southern Vietnam Power Project Management Board(SPMB)
Project Name: 220kV Cau Bong-Hoc Mon Binh Transmission Line Project 

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