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Towers and Cranes Solar Air Obstacle Light Applications

The solar powered beacon utilizes state-of-the-artoptical design to achieve smaller and portable shapes,better efficient and lower consumption. Its robust willprovide years of maintenance free service. It will be be theusers best choice to p

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Your Heliport Light Plan Standard

Plusafe is committed to better customer service. We provide helipad night lighting system for ground helipad, elevated helipad, hospital, offshore helipad and helideck. Each country will have its own laws and aviation authorities to supervi

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To Dear Visitors

We firmly believe that both sides of the real transaction have sincerity and will to facilitate the transaction. We are willing to do everything possible to provide you with the products and services you need to facilitate the transaction in

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Heliport Lighting Control Support For Pilots

Plusafe heliport lighting control solutions based on 2 major control concept to develop our products. Ground to Ground Air to Ground Ground to Ground functions include: Manual operation and control each circuit of outputs. Timing function. V

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Commercial Towers Rooftop Elevated Helipads In Thailand

Tags:#Elevatedhelipad,#Rooftop Introduction Plusafesuppliedto2offullhelipadlightssystemtoThailand Bhirajburi Towers in the year of 2015. Locations Site1:BhirajburiToweratEmQuartier Site2:BhirajburiToweratBitec OurSupply HL50 Inset Perimeter