W&R LED White&Red Dual Obstruction Light

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ICAO Medium Intensity Type A&B Combination, White Flashing 20,000cd at daytime, Red Flashing 2000cd at nighttime, Reflective Lens Design, UV Stabilized Casting Aluminum Alloy Housing,IP66,Failure Monitor With Control Panels,...
Product Description
This is a white&Red combination of ICAO medium intensity type A&B, FAA L865&L864.
Dual model white flashing 20,000cd at daytime and automatically transfer to red flashing 2000cd at nighttime.
The unit is made of casting aluminum material.

It is used increase conspicuity of structures or obstructions during day&nighttime.
Also,  with strong metal body, the light is easy to deploy to almost any condition and any emerge.
Robust body built provides good protection against hash environments.
It is working under flash mode based ICAO&FAA requirement. Users can specify steady burning / 12 hours flashing mode for purchase requirement.

- ICAO Annex 14, Volume I, 6 Edition, July,  2013.  
- FAA  AC150/5345-43G L865&L864 combination.

Data Sheet 
Data Sheet LED Dual L-865/864 White/Red Medium Intensity Obstruction Light
•  DC or AC wide range operating voltage 110V to 250V AC, 24V to 55V DC.
•  Portable structure, very easy to mounting.
•  Cast aluminum base and aviation yellow painted. 
•  Polycarbonate lens of strong impact resistance, good light  transmission.
•  Optic reflector design makes beams more concentrate, effective and further.
•  Light source using Cree LED with an expectancy lifespan 100,000 hrs above.
•  Built in surge protection device, can be used in the harsh environment.
•  GPS synchro function available.

Preferable Applications

•  Buildings
•  Power Towers
•  Wind Power
•  Chimney&Power Plant
•  Cranes
•  Aerodrome

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